Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia

Prosecutors Association of Serbia

Udruženje tužilaca Srbije

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Membership in the association is voluntary.

Only persons who entered into this voluntary association out of sincere belief in the idea of the purpose of existence of the Association, can make a real contribution to its development.

The preservation of this principle is very important because, the members of the Association at the same time are those who work in a hierarchy and specifically managed (Prosecutors) organization.

Number of members during the establishment was 107, of which 90 were prosecutors and deputies, and 17 were prosecutorial  assistants and interns. Now the number of members is 463, of  which 415 are prosecutors and deputies, while the other 48 are prosecutors assistants and interns.

The association has achieved very good results and can be proud of what has been achieved up until now.

It should be noted that all of the responsible persons of the Association are people who are deputy public prosecutors or public prosecutors  and that the stated activities of the Association they were doing after regular working hours, reconciling their professional and family obligations with the obligations imposed by the needs of the Association.

These are objective reasons and justification for any remarks that the Association could have achieved better results than existing ones.

UTSProsecutors association of Serbia is a guild type, non government organization, with a goal of affirmation and patronage of prosecutor’s position and reputation, gaining full legal stability, autonomy and public prosecutor’s independence. Prosecutor association of Serbia encloses both prosecutors and deputy prosecutors of Serbia.


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