Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia

Prosecutors Association of Serbia

Udruženje tužilaca Srbije

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Our Goals

Association Goals

Association Goals are:

Improvement of regulations on the organization and work of the prosecution;

Commitment to an independance in the performance of public prosecutors office(establishing independence and  independent prosecution);

Care about the reputation and financial status of Public Prosecution (enhancing the reputation and financial status of public prosecution office);

Affirmation of the law as a profession and science;

Work on the harmonization of the legal system of the Republic of Serbia with the European Union and

Achievement of the Association.

UTSProsecutors association of Serbia is a guild type, non government organization, with a goal of affirmation and patronage of prosecutor’s position and reputation, gaining full legal stability, autonomy and public prosecutor’s independence. Prosecutor association of Serbia encloses both prosecutors and deputy prosecutors of Serbia.


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