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Work Reports


Our involvement in the previous period, we had particularly focused on the content prosecution of law, seeking to great extent "fix" the constitution.

Significant support to the Association of Prosecutors in efforts to prepare a better legal framework, and to ensure the implementation of new laws and raising expertise and training of public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors, have been provided by international and regional organizations:

European Commission / European Union
CIDA-Canadian International Development
Open Society Fund
Embassy (Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the United State)



In 2007. The Association of Prosecutors of Serbia started with implementation of seven projects:
1. New position of Prosecution in the National judicial reform strategy
2. Guide for public prosecutors, deputy public prosecutors and trainees in the public prosecution.
3. Support to the office of the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia
4. Improving communications of the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia with public affairs
5. SPC Rules of Procedure and rules of internal organization and job classification in the administrative office of DVT
6. Draft Law on Public Prosecution and the Law on State Prosecutors
7. "Ethical Council"


In 2008. The Prosecutor Association of Serbia has started the implementation of nine new projects:

1. "Criteria for evaluation of public prosecutors"
2. "Strengthen the idea of European integrations among prosecutors"
3. "Support prosecution"
4. "Disciplinary responsibility of prosecutors"
5. "Making Ethical Code"
6. "Improving relations between the prosecutor and victim"
7. "Strengthen the image of the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia"
8. "Continued support of the office of the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia"
9. "The principle of opportunity"


In 2009. year of the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia has entered into agreements on implementation of the twelve projects:

1. "Alternative penal sanctions"
2." Interpretation of criminal law as a prerequisite for adequate enforcement"
3. "Supplement to the Manual for prosecutors"
4. "Increasing the prosecutors sensitivity for the problems of family violence"
5. "Capacity building for combating cyber crime in Serbia"
6. "Development of criteria for evaluating the work of public prosecutors and deputy public
prosecutors in special departments for war crimes and organized crime"
7. "Strengthening the capacity of the prosecution in Serbia for the fight against corruption"
8. "Increasing the capacity of public prosecutors in the field of environmental protection"
9. "Strengthening the capacities of state authorities Serbia in the fight against corruption"
10. "Enhancing the visibility labor and public communications of Prosecutor Association of Serbia"
11. "Support to Serbia in the EU integration process by strengthening the capacity of the Serbian Prosecutor's Office in the field of EU legislation and environmental protection"
12. "Draft Regulations on criteria and standards for the evaluation of competence, capability and integrity of candidates for the holder of prosecutorial functions"


In 2010. The Association of Prosecutors of Serbia started with the implementation of nine new projects:

1. "Legal assistance within the European network of judges and prosecutors to their colleagues in Serbia"
2. "The fight against human trafficking, strengthening the role of prosecutors and the promotion of human rights of trafficked persons"
3. "Achievements of the European Union in the field of environmental protection and the role of public prosecutors in implementing the Law on Environmental Protection"
4. "Strengthening the role of the judicial office and professional associations"
5. "The introduction of anti-discrimination issues in the area of social protection in Serbia"
6. "Strengthening the capacity of legal professional associations in line with EU standards"
7. "The establishment of independent judicial institutions - the High Judicial Council and the State Council of Prosecutors"
8. "Problems of the criminal law in detecting and evidence gathering, prosecution and trial in the case against war crimes"
9. "Strengthening cooperation between the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia with the International Association of Prosecutors and the European Network of judges and prosecutors with special reference on the subject of corruption"


Prosecutors days:
From 20 to 22 February 2009. "Divcibare. Was awarded Emilia Tončić.

Solidarity Fund:
Decisions on provision and use of funds Solidarity. "Palic" 18.04.2008.

Venice Commission opinion:
The working version of the criteria and standards for the selection of judges and prosecutors in accordance with the recommendations to Council of Europe.
Praised were the working group members.

Conference about the procedural rules of work of the Tribunal in the Hague:
In Belgrade "Sava Center" 15 December 2009, the conference was held at which the guest of the association was Serge Brammertz

Reward by the OSCE Mission person of the year 2009:
Mr. Jasmine Kiurski, a member of the Association has received the award of the OSCE mission in Serbia for a person of 2009.

Conclusions of the extraordinary meeting of Board of Directors Association:
Held on 24 December 2009 on the occasion of the published results of the election of public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors.

Agreement with DVT:
Confirmation of determination and implementation of measures to implement European standards. The association sent a proposal to increase the number of deputy public prosecutors and the State Prosecutors' Council adopted the proposal by expanding the systemic approach.

Cooperation with EU institutions:
Visits Brussels by representatives of the Association at the invitation of Vice President of the European Parliament.
A letter by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to the Prosecutor Association of Serbia:
7. February 2010 year - sent a letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. In the answer of Mr. Barroso that is sent by 27th April of 2010 are set out the conclusions of the expert mission, which confirm that the process of re-election showed significant deficiencies.

Membership in MEDEL:
Prosecutor Association of Serbia, is by unanimous decision accepted into a full membership of "MEDEL".

V Regional Conference for Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia:
representatives from fifty different countries around the world: Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, the United States of America, all countries in the region as well as other countres

Journal "Prosecutorial Word":
- The journal publishes articles relating to the activities of the Association, as well as expert papers and works dedicated to practice.
- Ability to write for the magazine.
- From the initial 15 page magazine now has 100 pages of modern design.

The Association Web site:
- New site design 2008th year.
- Daily update site
- During 2009. year, the site is recorded about 3,000 visits a month, while during July 2010. number of visits jumped to nearly 13000.



     Work Report 2013 - 2015. (.pdf)

     Work Report in 2012. and 2013.

     Work Report in 2011. and 2012.

     Work Report 2007 - 2010.


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UTSProsecutors association of Serbia is a guild type, non government organization, with a goal of affirmation and patronage of prosecutor’s position and reputation, gaining full legal stability, autonomy and public prosecutor’s independence. Prosecutor association of Serbia encloses both prosecutors and deputy prosecutors of Serbia.


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